Tennis Handicap Betting:

Tennis Handicap Betting

Tennis Handicap Betting: Tennis is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports among online bookmakers. The sports betting online bitcoin offers are huge due to the numerous tournaments in the different categories.

In terms of quantity, the “white sport” places directly behind football by the betting providers. If you are new to tennis betting, you should know about handicap betting which is one of the popular types of betting.

Tennis Handicap Betting
Tennis Handicap Betting

What is Handicap Betting in Tennis?

In tennis, handicap bets are ideal for taking decent betting odds or winnings with you despite a clear favorite role. In our view, the handicaps that cover the entire match are recommended. Of course, you should not overdo it at this point. Whoever speculates on a 6: 0 or 6: 1 in both sets will usually fail.

A handicap is a lead which gives by the bookies to this or that player to add to the total number of games consequently won by him.

With a handicap bet, the final results are not that important. Players can lose the match but still win the most games or win that match but fail to win the most games.

All in all, handicap betting is all about the momentum that who will start and finish well. Also, it is about who will be the most consistent throughout the match.

Tennis rules briefly explained:

The tennis tournaments are held in knockout mode. The draws base on the world rankings. The top players are considering to be seeded and are generally drawn against weaker opponents in the first rounds.

Usually, the matches play in the “Best of 3 Sets” mode. If a player wins 2 sets, he has won the match and moved on to the next round. The only exception to this is the men’s Grand Slam tournaments, which bases on 3 winning sets.